Sweaton Various

Sweaton Various


Watercourse, spring and drain covers. (1995-2002)

Various covers for water ways. First shown is one of several drain covers around the swimming pool area which are from heavily forged steel which was shot blasted aggressively and allowed to rust; the heavy sections used should ensure longevity; the second and third images are of a black painted steel panel designed to guard a deep watercourse running through a section of garden;  the third shown is a light gauge hinged cover for a spring, forged from stainless steel.



Front gate and rails. (1996)

A couple of details of railings on this project, and the garden gate,( from a bubbles and seagrass sketch by customer).




Gate furniture. (2001)

Hinges and latches for some split chestnut field gates.




Initial idea/concept;         customer/ barry marmot/ jcb
Design;                             jcb
Detailing                            jcb
Executed                          jcb (john churchill)
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