Dittisham Cottage

Dittisham Cottage


Front door furniture for converted boat house.

Letter plate with sprung action.




Outside view of the  three part door to this former boat house.




Inside aspects of the latching arrangements. The first and third pictures shows the latch positioned to open the full height of the main door, leaving the wide, top and bottom bolted, panel (with the letterplate in it) to act as the frame.

The second picture shows the latch positioned to allow only the top part of the door to be opened by the latch.

The fourth picture shows the wall mounted keep to hold the door in the open position;  this can either restrain the top half of the door only or the whole door, depending upon whether the two panels are linked or not (as detailed in the second image).





Initial idea/concept;         customer/ harrison sutton partnership/ jcb
Design;                             jcb
Detailing                            jcb
Executed                          jcb (john churchill)
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